Our filling lines can produce different soft drinks.
We have fullly automated filling lines, that enable us to produce a variety of soft drink in 250 ml and 296 ml aluminum cans.:

- energy drinks - provide energy and stimulation for intense exertion and improve concentration and ability to react.
Energy drinks contain special active ingredients and extracts (like taurine, caffeine or guarana) and provide essential vitamins. They will give your body a fast energy boost.
- alco-pops - alcoholic drinks with 5% alcohol content, great for parties, perfect as appetizers.

- isotonic - drinks created for active people. Thanks to their carefuly picked ingredients, they are providing all your body needs after the extensive traininig.
- fruit - juice-based drinks and ice-teas, great for everybody from 5 to 100.

Our huge experience and knowledge allow us to put any idea of a bevergae into reality. Starting with creating of the recipe, through the can and tray design, producing the can and filling it, finishing with the product logistic.

For more info, please contact Ms. Agata Walczak. agata (at)
From 1999 our facility is working under the HACCP system. The system ensures highest quality and safety of our products. The HACCP certificate was issued by TUV Rheinland.
Some of our products also have the Kosher Certificate.
Our facility is FDA certified.